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Do you hike with light, as we do?

In Boise, Idaho, there is a hill called Table Rock that overlooks our city. From it, you can see to the edge of the desert and see our great Boise River flowing throughout our great city. From one of the trailheads, it’s 1.5 miles to the top. Some parts of the trail are easy-flowing, other parts are rocky, and some parts have a steep, literally breath-taking, incline. Yet the views at the top can be majestic. My wife and I, in recent years, have found this to be a weekly activity. No matter how many times we have walked this trail, you are still required to navigate the terrain of the path. In the summer months of Idaho, it can get blazing hot, yet the desire for us to climb is still there, so we climb it early in the morning. As the summer winds down and fall approaches, our routine stays the same. Soon, the path that we know very well, almost like the back of our hand, becomes darker as the sun rises later in the morning during the fall. One morning, it was darker than either of us planned. We both felt like we knew it well enough to press forward in our weekly climb. We quickly found that even though we knew the path without light, we were slipping, tripping on rocks, and our normal communication was interrupted with mental and physical focus to follow the path. With the lessons from that hard walk, we both made sure we had flashlights and head lamps the next week. It was so crystal clear that even the smallest of lights made our hike enjoyable again. I want to finish this story with the faith of Christ. Christ is the light of the world. He is our Savior and Redeemer. Without light in our lives, we might consistently trip on the rocks and slip and fall. Over time, repeated slips, we might feel this life isn’t worth living or that there is no God. I believe we are each walking our own path in life, and as we try to walk in darkness, it can become unmanageable, and we turn to anything we can grab on to, and we miss out on the beauty God wants us to see. I know that if you take action to allow light, the light of Christ, to illuminate your path, you will better understand and see the path ahead. When you choose to fully immerse yourself and align your will with God's will, you will walk in its noonday light. Just like our trail to Table Rock in the light, your life journey is still rocky and steep, yet you can see the beauty. I believe the amount of light determines your ability to enjoy your journey. If you choose to seek Christ’s light in your life, I know your path will become clearer, more manageable, and even more majestic because beauty surrounds you and you will see it more abundantly with light.

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