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Are you curious about financial faith?

Do you ever think about faith? Faith is "complete trust or confidence in someone or something."

You most likely go to work each day, and in faith, you expect a paycheck. If you lack trust or faith in your employer, you might ask to be paid upfront before the start of labor. You have faith that technology will allow your direct deposit to go through on Friday, because on Monday you have a host of bills due. Your faith is probably so strong with this one, you don’t even think about it anymore.

If you are an entrepreneur, faith may be even more important. Do you have trust in your product or service? More importantly, do you trust in yourself? Faith is typically what drives a serial entrepreneur mad. The faith that this time it will work.

Any good businessperson will tell you that faith alone won’t pay the bills. There is an element of action involved. You must wake up, you must show up, you must labor in the fields, and you will earn the trust of your employer, who will, in good faith, pay you a fair wage.

Have you ever been laid off, let go, filed bankruptcy, or had to close the doors of a failing business? Yet you wake up the next day to press forward. Faith. You believe you have a skill, a trade, or wisdom that allows you to earn enough to meet your needs.

Sometimes, when your faith has been severely tested, putting more trust in people is hard to do. Yet, most of us still tend to put our faith in people, versus putting some financial faith in God.

I do not shy away from coaching people to exercise "financial faith." What is financial faith? An example is knowing that even though you’re living paycheck to paycheck, the first thing you do is tithe, meaning you give 10% away to God (or a favorite charity). When you freely give away what you may consider your biggest asset, your hard-earned money, with no immediate expectation of getting anything in return, that is financial faith.

In my own life and my clients' lives, it always seems to work out.

I believe that a lesson people must learn with money is that if you hold it tight, you might keep it, but when you are holding it so tight, there isn't enough room to allow more in. Ever met a greedy person? I'm not talking about someone who has decent boundaries; I'm talking about someone who is truly selfish and holds on to their wealth so fiercely that you don't want to give them anymore. Don’t be that person!

Choose today to act in financial faith. Give more with an honest and pure heart. I promise you will see the blessings more abundantly in your life.

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