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Are you still chasing happiness?

I used to believe the statement, "I’ll be happy when ________." Fill in the blank.

Such as, I’ll be happy when I earn more money, I’ll be happy when I make the sports team, I’ll be happy when I find my true love, or I’ll be happy when I have a million dollars.

Instead of chasing happiness, which is constantly a moving target, enjoy the trip. This isn't to argue that creating plans or setting goals isn't important, but we can all do a better job of appreciating what we have in this life.

One of my past religious leaders, Thomas S. Monson, gave a talk titled "Finding Joy in the Journey." This message was shared in the fall of 2008, the same year my father-in-law passed away. It was a tough time in our lives, dealing with the unexpected loss of a great man. This hard-working man lived an amazing and successful life. He had so many friends, he ran multiple successful businesses, he had a loving spouse with six kids and spouses, and several grandchildren at the time, but he consistently struggled to find happiness. This search for happiness is what ultimately ended his mortal life.

His passing affected everyone differently in the family, but this slogan, "Finding Joy in the Journey," was an answer to prayers that still live inside of me today. I watched a great man search for happiness only to never recognize what was around him every day. It is something I still carry with me today.

We're all here trying our hardest in life. We're all here to love and support one another, to assist one another, and, most importantly, to find joy in our own journeys.

As a result, I implore you to stop seeking "something" in your quest for happiness. Happiness will find you if you find joy in the journey.

Talk reference: Finding Joy in the Journey ( by Thomas S. Monson

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