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Make sure you have two points before you draw the line.

To map a route, you need a destination and a starting point. This might seem simple, but often people in life set a goal and immediately start planning, not realizing they need to know their starting point.

In law # 2 in the book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell, he states, "You must know yourself to grow yourself."

My favorite comparison to help people understand why this law of growth is important is talking about the shopping mall. My kids might tell you a story about me saying, "That’s a mall – I’m not going in there." It’s a true story. I’m not a fan of malls, but I have learned to enjoy them. When I was on the road as a consultant, malls gave me a sense of familiarity. Whether in a foreign country or in US cities, malls tend to have one thing in common: a MAP.

When you look at the mall map, you might fall into one of two camps: either you find the destination, or you find the "you are here" dot first. Regardless of what you find first, the second thing is to find the other. Then you can map out the route you want to take.

Some people (like me in a mall) might take a direct route, but others enjoy the longer route. No matter what route you design, it will be right for you, but make sure you have two points before you draw the line.

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