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Part 3 of 3: How did I arrive here? coaching full-time!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Well, I’m retired. So now what?

Well, in August of every year here in Idaho, we have the Western Idaho Fair. Maybe you know this about me or not, but the Joneses have been in the fair business for a long time (maybe I’ll tell that story in the future), but I stepped away from helping the family about 10 years ago because of other personal competing priorities. Well, not this year. I am back! It was great to be back with the family and working at the fair!

After the Western Idaho Fair, my bride and I went on our first retirement road trip.

We had no set end date; we left and returned when we felt it was time to go. It was incredible! We saw family and national parks. We did a lot of hiking and had lots of quality time together. It was fun!

This time together allowed for the spirit to dwell more with each of us, and we had many deep conversations about our future. Time in the car and hiking created lots of talk time! One thing for sure is that my bride is my biggest supporter. Our talks gave me many shots of confidence to consider starting my own business.

Like most of us, I have a tough time seeing my own strength through all my own faults, but many years ago I learned my Clifton Strengths (by Gallup and Tim Roth) are Relator, Maximizer, Strategic, Responsibility, and Adaptability. These strengths align well with the clarity and direction from the Savior on what type of business to start.

The next chapter for me is to help people full time by coaching.

Coaching is what the world calls it, but for me, it’s a call to help others grow, learn, and succeed. I have done this for years in my spare time, but I never really charged for it, except for those that paid for my lunch or dinner as we talked.

My call is not to be a hero; that is not me! My calling is to be a guide in the shadows as people write their own success stories!

I’m humbled to receive this call to help others at this time in my life.

Let me know if you need some help; I'm doing it full-time now!

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