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Part 1 of 3: How did I arrive here? coaching full-time!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

It was the fall of 2020, and we were amid a pandemic.

I completed my MBA from Boise State University in May, and I was on a quest to create my next chapter in my life.

Our two sons are married and doing well. As empty nesters, my bride and I were living our dream. All was well, but my sole was in search of more.

I was considering a different role within my existing company, but honestly, I wasn’t feeling it. It wasn’t that the opportunities weren’t there, I just wasn’t really “feeling” the right change for me. Doors (jobs) that I thought were right weren’t presenting themselves, and other doors were closing in my face.

Clarity in my direction was weighing on my mind.

I was at a loss for what was in store, but I was eager to change. So, I turned to my Savior, Jesus Christ, and my Heavenly Father for guidance, as I had done many times in my life before.

Finally, in the early spring of 2021, I received an answer to all my prayers.

This answer was not easy to receive. You could say I wrestled with it. I’m not a wrestler; I’m a soccer player, so I was out of my element wrestling with the Lord, but the answer was simply to quit! Stop working!?! What do you mean, quit?

As I shared this with my bride, you can imagine the barrage of questions I received. What are you going to do? How will we make money?

They were all great questions, and it wasn’t like I wasn’t asking the same questions.

Part 2 is now available.

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