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Why do these Joneses follow Dave Ramsey?

Simple. We follow Dave Ramsey because it worked for us and because his system instills biblical principles about money management that resonate with us as a family.

When we were at our lowest point financially, we had 4-5 credit cards, a car lease, and a second mortgage, and still had no clue what we were doing with money. You could say we were at rock bottom and between Terri and I we were making no headway. I read at least ten or more books on personal finance, and they all seemed very simple and had good ideas that we tried, yet we were still not winning.

I finished the book, started listening to his radio show and podcasts, and enrolled in his class, Financial Peace University (FPU). Back then, it was a thirteen-week class. In less than two years, we were completely debt free (Dave’s baby step 2) except for the first mortgage. Fast forward eight more years of living this lifestyle, and we reach one more milestone that Dave calls "EDM," or Everyday Millionaire. We will continue to follow this forever as it is part of who we are as debt-free believers.

As a coach, Dave Ramsey is not the only tool in my toolbox. Since becoming passionate about personal finance, I study as much as I can, plus factor in all the books I've read on the subject over the past many years. I've enjoyed learning from many different authors, bloggers, and financial personalities. I have no plans to stop learning ways to help people with money. I just know if you need to get out of debt and stay out of debt, Dave's baby steps work.

If you want to hear more or need help getting started, just reach out to me. I’m willing to help everyone who wants to get debt-free, stay debt-free, and build lasting wealth.

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