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What’s in a name?

We tend to take names for granted. Most brand names these days are just the result of savvy marketing geniuses conducting extensive research to come up with the most profitable name. However, some branding is inspired and represents a higher value to us. I believe that Dave Ramsey's "seven baby steps" to wealth is one such source of inspiration.

Knowing Mr. Ramsey, I'm sure he enlisted the help of a team of researchers to come up with the best name for his program. I believe it was truly inspired, regardless of who was in the room, and I'm sure the spirit testified to them of the name Baby Steps. So, I'll admit, I'm not sure whether Dave has detailed how he and his marketing team came up with the brand and name, but I don't recall reading or hearing the whole story. However, after much thought and prayer, here is what the name means to me and why I believe it was chosen.

Personal revelation led me to the scripture in Matthew 18, verse 4 (KJV), "Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven." Which led me further to spend time pondering the word “humility.”

During Christ's ministry, he demonstrated and preached humility. As much as I'd like to believe that my abilities, talents, wisdom, knowledge, and skills contributed to my success, I've discovered that humility was the true gift that set me free. Thus, I found God's hand in my life when I humbled myself and walked the baby steps with an open mind and heart.

Baby steps, according to the wise among us and the proud followers of man, are just that: baby steps. They are overly simple, and in some cases, too simple; "they should be more sophisticated," they clamor. God's ways, on the other hand, are not complicated. His path is straight. Simply, come and follow him.

I believe in my soul that the first step of financial peace comes from the prince of peace, and baby step zero is that of humility. We must humble ourselves as children, put our trust in the Lord, and take the first, baby, step to financial prosperity and peace.

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