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Want two free tips for Dave Ramsey's Baby Step success?

As we wrap up our theme of Dave Ramsey’s baby steps this week at Jones Coaching Services LLC, I’ll share two success tips I tell my Baby Step clients.

  1. Do a zero-based budget every month.

  2. Commit to your financial future.

Do a zero-based budget every month

Nowhere specifically written in Dave’s Baby Steps does he say, "do a budget," it’s just implied. However, all success comes from those that learn to live on a zero-based budget every single month. Knowing your income and expenses will allow you to control and drive all of your baby steps to success. If you aren’t familiar with a zero-based budget, connect with us. We are happy to teach you and help you grow into a budget master.

Commit to your financial future

Without commitment, you will blink your eyes and five years will pass and you are no closer to your financial goals. Don’t believe me? Think about where you were five years ago and ask yourself if you are any closer to financial freedom today than you were back then. If you are like most people, you are making more money and you think you are better off, but if you do the math of your income minus expenses plus savings, you'll find that you aren’t much closer to your goal.

So, commit today. Commit today to changing the next 5 years. Each day, commit to being more aware of your financial situation and committing to a plan. I vote you commit to Dave’s baby steps, but we are here to help you commit to your favorite plan.

Make a commitment to improving your financial literacy. You might not learn to love everything about finances, but you will love the results.

Peter Drucker, "Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans."

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