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Set the stage for practice

If you read my previous blog, Value practice in your life, you might still be wondering how you practice in your life. Well, honestly, it depends, and most often, the goal determines how you might set the stage for practice.

One thing radio show host Dave Ramsey teaches in his Financial Peace University class is that it takes an average of three months to learn to budget properly and get your budget dialed in. In this situation, you need to give yourself 3 months or more to practice getting your budget right. If you have a spouse or someone you share a budget with, you should give each other practice space to make mistakes, because each of you will mess up at some point. You should create a no-judgement zone as you work through the newness of living within a budget.

As a team leader, one way to create practice time is by creating a safe space for your team to try something new. Let’s say you want to try something different in a staff meeting. Instead of just surprising your staff without any warning, set the practice environment for yourself and your team. Prior to the meeting, let the team know you want to try something new at the staff meeting. Express that it might feel different, and it might be awkward for everyone. Tell them why you want to try something new. Allow them to see your vision of what you are aiming at with the change and give them a little time to process it. Now when you enter the meeting, you experience the change together and can safely open yourself to their feedback, and they aren’t threatened by the change in staff.

I’m a big believer in practice, so make time to set the stage for practice.

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