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Do you have an uncontrolled thirst that breaks the bank?

I’ve been training for a Metric Century bike race that is this Saturday, May 7th, and often during my ride or after I have this, I have a thirst. I can satisfy this thirst with some water or electrolytes as expected. More riding equals more thirst.

Our body’s way of telling us we need more is through a sensation we label as "thirst."

In my journey as an athlete, there have been times when coaches have used this word to describe other desires: the thirst to win a title or championship, the desire to train harder, or the thirst to get back to the gym.

We must often fight this thirst in our lives. In the financial coaching world, controlling our thirst can have a real positive or negative impact on our financial goals.

Thirsts tend to always be short-sided. Just like my thirst on a bike, getting on the bike makes me thirsty again. Going to a mall may trigger a thirst to buy unnecessarily. Walking into a bar might naturally make you want to drink what you may be trying to avoid.

Coaching people financially has a lot to do with understanding human behavior. As people understand their thirsts and, more importantly, what triggers their thirsts, they can put controls in place to curb or satisfy them. I know that spending is a thirst. I’ve seen it in my own life, and I, too, have had to put controls and antidotes on my desires. My clients curb and satisfy their thirst in different ways.

What is your thirst for spending? Is it a person, place, or thing? Do you have more than one spending thirst?

Often, people’s budget problems are something they don’t want to face. This is what makes my calling as a coach so powerful: when people realize they can overcome their financial problems by recognizing their thirst in their lives, they become empowered to win with money.

As a coach, guide, and advocate, I can help you achieve your financial goals and overcome the challenges you face, especially if they are breaking the bank. If you are struggling with finances due to thirsts in your life and haven’t faced them, I promise we are here to be a judgement-free listener and we can coach you. When you are ready, we are too.

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