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Lead the team you have.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Great company leaders and great coaches can modify and win with whatever talent they have.

When I was ten, I tried out for a club soccer team. a well-known team in my local town. I was so nervous that none of my actual soccer skills really shone through. It was an embarrassing moment in my life, and it kind of still haunts me. I was cut after the first night. I don’t know all the behind-the-scenes things my mom and dad did, but it seems there were enough kids cut throughout the tryouts to form an additional team in the league, and those amazing parents banded together to find a coach. I'm not sure how they talked him into it, but coaching a team of second-hand players might be scary for some.

Our team had a wide range of skill levels, and we came from all around the city. Only a few players on the team were from my school. Our coach took what he was dealt and made a team. The first season was rough, with some bad losses but some wins too. Our coach was amazing. He continued to shape and mold us. In our second year in the division, we made a run for the club state championship and won. We continued onto the regionals, where we survived against other states but did not qualify to move on.

This team of players stuck together, and we were blessed with three amazing coaches in a span of six years. Three state club titles among those of us who stayed together for the entire six years. On our third trip to regionals, we made it out of group play and into a semi-final match where we fell short of advancing in overtime.

I'm telling you this story because as I reflect on these early coaches, I’m reminded that we don’t always get to choose our team, but great leaders still know how to value what they have and get the most out of their talent. Too many coaches or leaders only know how to operate in one way, very cookie cutter like. Don't be a cookie cutter leader, be one of the greats that can modify and win with whatever talent you have.

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