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Happy New Year of Budgeting!

If you are one of the 76% with a new year’s resolution centered on being smarter with your finances in 2022 (Reference link), one of the smartest things you can do at any income level is to have a livable written budget.

The word “budget” can spark many kinds of feelings. Here are some of the budget feelings I’ve had over the years: afraid, anxiety, stress, frustration, excitement, calmness, contentment, confidence, satisfaction, confusion, embarrassment, worry, joy, and peace. Regardless of what feelings it sparks today, I can assist you in reaching the positive emotions on this list.

Does a budget guarantee you have enough money? No way! It just gives you a sense of being in control when bills and life can make you feel things are out of control.

More blog budgeting tips are planned for this year, so follow me.

Remember, anytime along your journey, if you need help, please know I'm here to help.


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