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Do I need a financial coach?

Simple answer: Have you achieved financial freedom?

Well, Ryan, what is financial freedom?

In his book, "Retire Before Mom and Dad," Rob Berger talks about seven levels of financial freedom. Dave Ramsey teaches seven baby steps. My church teaches self-reliance and personal finances, and the guide has twelve chapters. However, woven into their final level, step, and chapter is building wealth enough that you can live the rest of your moral life within your means, and you have enough to share with others.

Share with others, you say? "I wish!"

I know you do. Being charitable is noble. However, many of us are only capable of meeting the requirements of our own families. I’ve been there, I know. When you're barely surviving, it's difficult to be selfless with your money. Just like the adage in an airplane’s pre-flight instruction, you need to safely secure your own oxygen mask before helping your kids or others.

Whether you are just trying to survive, well on your way, or if you have gone through a life-changing event (married, baby, kids' activities, divorce, job change, or heaven forbid, a death – sorry for your loss), a financial coach can help.

We, as coaches, have made it our passion to study, read, and research because we know you are busy living your life and financial research might not tickle your interest. However, money is woven into all we do, so it’s kind of important. So, seek out a coach you trust and allow them to guide and support you on your path to financial freedom. If you didn’t know a financial coach, now you do. I’m always open to helping.

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