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Saving = Love

Sorry, not sorry, but I’m going to start today’s blog with a quick and heartfelt tribute to my bride. She is my love, light, and rock. Twenty-nine years ago, this month she took a chance by saying, “YES” to a Jones boy. We have seen a lot together. We faced addictions, debt, family challenges, sickness, death, and numerous other trials. Through it all, we experienced joy, peace, love, and growth. We both love and follow our Savior, Jesus Christ, and we try to draw closer to him every day. I love you, T.

One of the greatest gifts we've given each other over the years is our decision to work together to break free from a paycheck-to-paycheck existence. We discovered how to save, invest, and live life together by paying off debt and planning for a future of fun and fulfillment. One thing we share is a goal to serve a church mission, and we set up a dedicated savings account to prepare us financially. We don't know when the Lord will call us to go forth and serve, but I do know this: the peace of financial independence is the best gift of love you can offer each other and your future time together. Your first step is to come together and save.

Saving is the gateway. If you don’t start saving, chances are you won’t build an emergency fund, start investing, or save for purchases, but rely on others (debt) to help fund your lifestyle and future.

I promise and testify that financial peace is something our Heavenly Father wants for each of us and has no limits on the blessings and love in store for all of us if we live righteously.

Do yourself and the love of your life a favor and start working together to save for your future.

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